Martens Marine

Headquartered in Singapore and with a growing network of offices worldwide, Martens Marine offers high quality vessels at affordable prices.

We engineer and manage the construction process with carefully selected shipyards in Asia, meeting European standards for quality and reliability. At our core is a belief in simplicity, efficiency and reliability.

We work together with designers, partner shipyards and marine equipment suppliers to ensure that the vessels are optimally integrated and fit for purpose. Our forward-looking design and standardisation of equipment and processes ensures maximum cost effectiveness.

We build these vessels for Sale or Bare Boat Charter.

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Martens Marine utilises tried and tested equipment and materials in its vessels. The resultant vessel is well built and highly appreciated by our clients. See Video Testimonial.

All vessels built by Martens Marine combine equipment and materials that make sense for global operations. Our procurement team scrutinizes all major equipment and materials to ensure they are fit for your long-term ownership goals.

We are always pleased to hear from reputable international suppliers with innovative solutions and a global service network. Contact us today.

Martens Marine builds reliable ships that are:

  • Safe and Efficient
  • Designed to last
  • Built to European standards
  • Enhanced by stringent quality control process
  • Equipped by reliable suppliers
  • Engineered to the highest level
  • Delivered on time and within budget


The heart of our approach at Martens Marine is to ensure that clients receive a high quality product and value for money.

Many Asian built ships fall short in terms of quality standards, use of equipment and materials. In response, we created the company to a demand for quality Offshore Support Vessels.

Martens Marine does things differently by applying due processes in detailed engineering, procurement, site supervision and project management. Our management team is from diverse backgrounds within the marine and offshore industry. We have over 100 years of global shipbuilding and operational experience.

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Investing in Prudence

Around a third of current oil production comes from offshore facilities. Of which, some 73% are from shallow water fields. At Martens Marine, we understand the requirements of OSVs that support shallow water oil & gas exploration, production, construction, inspection, repair and maintenance.

There are some 2800 Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessels and 2200 Platform Supply Vessels working offshore. This gives scope for continual fleet renewal to replace older and less fuel-efficient vessels.

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