These recreational vessels will take you through adventures that you never thought was possible.

Incorporating our expertise in building reliable offshore support vessels, Martens Marine extends our Project Management Services to the luxury yacht market.

Personalised Services is our Commitment to you.
We promise Quality and Reliability to what goes onto the Yacht.

Offshore Support

Offshore Support Vessels (OSVs) support Offshore Exploration & Production and Construction activities.

OSVs comprise mainly Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessels (AHTSV) and Platform Support Vessels (PSV).

There are sub segments: IRM (Inspection, Repair, Maintenance), ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicles) Support Vessels, Utility vessels and Crew Boats.

At Martens Marine we currently build AHTS. We have yet to build a PSV but are ready to build one on your behalf. Our Fast crew boats can carry up to 100 personnel while our 4-legged lift boat has accommodation for 200 pax.

Martens Marine is also interested in partnering with Owners to build special vessels e.g., IRM, ROV Support or Wind Farm Walk-to-Work Vessels and utility vessels.

Harbour and Terminal

These vessels mainly serve in ports, harbours and LNG Terminals where they assist larger ships.

Terminal Tugs are used in oil or LNG terminals, which are essentially ports that are located further out at sea.

Martens Marine is capable of building harbour and terminal tugs on your behalf, and we can also build the ideal special vessel to your specifications.

Our crew boat has seats for 100 passengers, deck space of 115m2, a 2-ton deck crane and a loaded speed of 26 knot.

Offshore Wind

The Offshore Wind sector is growing as more wind farms are built offshore to generate electricity.

At Martens Marine we are ready to build-to-order non-standard special vessel that supports your business. Specifically, we are looking at cost effective Walk-to-Work Vessels and ROV Support Vessels.

Because your ship matters.