First Vessel from Guangdong Yuexin Ocean Engineering

Martens Marine took delivery today the first vessel from Guangdong Yuexin Ocean Engineering Co., Ltd. in the Martens Marine "E 65T Series". YX3157 ENTERPRISE is an Anchor Handling Towing Supply Vessel (AHTSV) intended for operations in the shallow waters of Asia and Middle East. YX3157 ENTERPRISE is built to ABS Class, and includes the notations: "OFFSHORE SUPPORT VESSEL, AH, TOWING VESSEL, FIRE FIGHTING VESSEL CLASS 1", AMS, and DPS-1. The "E 65T Series" vessels are powered by twin CAT 3516C engines at 5,150 brake horsepower. These engines are in compliance with US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Marine Tier 2 Commercial Regulations. CAT Marine Power Systems are supported by 182 locally owned businesses, 1700+ dealer branch stores and more than 100,000 employees over the world. This extensive arrangement ensures the availability of CAT spare parts inventory no matter where the vessel is in the world. The Martens Marine "E 65T Series" vessels are also equipped with twin Kawasaki bow thrusters of 8T capacity each, and a set of Becker high-lift performance rudders. The Kongsberg Dynamic Positioning system onboard allows the vessels to maintain station in a Sea State 4 environment with winds up to Beaufort Force 7 and currents at 2 knots. The mess area of YX3157 ENTERPRISE has been optimized to allow for a large number of crew in one sitting. The bridge area also features a larger working space from conventional 5150 BHP AHTSV to facilitate project work. YX3157 ENTERPRISE is bound for Asia in the coming days.