23 February 2017 Ship Launching of C100 Fast Crew Boat

The 1st of our Martens Marine C100 sisters was launched at Seacrest Marine Co., Ltd. in Thailand recently. A proven design by Swedish designer Marinteknik, the aluminium crew and passenger boats have good principal characteristics and exemplary seakeeping capability. The great manoeuvrability in open and unrestricted waters up to 4 meters wave height is accompanied by their ability to attain 28 knots at full speed.

Where are they better?

  • High quality construction
  • 3 units of Caterpillar engines, total power 4,350 BHP
  • Sea State 3 (up to 4m wave height)
  • High manoeuvrability and reduced turning circle radius
  • Compliance with HSC Code and double bottom
  • Auto-vacuum jet pumps for domestic and sanitary system
  • State of art fuel monitoring system

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