Project Management

An integral part of the Martens Marine story is our dedicated project management team. Throughout the production process, our engineers and project managers are at site to manage the building progress at our partner facilities.

We believe that the greatest determinant of quality is design. This is the reason why we spend a great amount of time and effort to complete as much of the design and engineering work before we commence construction. We have found this to be the most efficient to prevent overruns and delays and we want to be part of building something we can be proud of.

Vessel Construction

At Martens Marine, we engineer and manage the design and construction process with the best facilities, meeting global standards for quality and reliability. At our core is a belief in simplicity, reliability and elegance.

We aim to construct beautiful design ships maximum capabilities, that are sophisticated and highly efficient and reliable. As such, with our dedicated network across the globe, we work together to ensure that the vessel are optimally integrated and fit for purpose.

At the very heart of a good design, evolution of design and use of tried and tested equipment and materials in its vessels. The resultant vessel is well built and improve with time and with subsequent vessels.

All vessels built by Martens Marine combine equipment and materials that last lifetime. Our procurement team scrutinises all major equipment and materials to ensure they are fit for your long-term ownership goals.

We are always pleased to hear from reputable international suppliers with innovative solutions and a global service network.

Martens Marine builds reliable ships that are:

  • Safe and Efficient
  • Designed to last
  • Built to global standards
  • Enhanced by stringent quality control process
  • Equipped by reliable suppliers
  • Engineered to the highest level
  • Delivered on time and within budget
  • Beautiful

Design and Innovation

We also put in a lot of effort in the design of operational workflow, ergonomics and aesthetics. Because Your Ship Matters.

Martens Marine vessels are designed for optimal efficiency. Our 80 Ton Bollard Pull AHTS uses fuel efficient medium speed engines of 6000 BHP.

Martens Marine innovates by using the best in class equipment, careful integration of major systems, thereby maximising performance and reliability.


The reputation of Martens Marine and its people rests in our ability to deliver quality vessels.

The way we conduct our activities is the best possible guarantee for our clients.

All equipment and systems have a global network providing warranty and after sales services.

Because Your Ship Matters.

Sustainable Thinking

All senior management at Martens Marine are sailors at heart and understand the importance of protecting the world we live in. A sustainable approach is taken wherever possible.

The way we work keeps wastage to a minimum and lower the impact to the environment.